• Protects your family against intruders
  • Adds value of your home
  • Reduces home insurance costs
  • Noise reduction when lowered
  • Provides shade
  • Reduces heating and cooling costs
  • Added privacy
  • Can be fitted to most openings
  • Available in white, Ivory , beige and bronze color

The motorized Rolldown Shutter is the most effective and convenient way to protect your home and family against hurricanes and forced entry.

There are two options to operate the Rolldown shutter which are motorized and operating it manually with a crank. Motorized rolldowns can be linked to remote controls and even your cell phone for quick and easy operation.

Viewport slats are a nice feature to allow for light to come in and to be able to look outside.

The End Retention system that we use is State County, FL Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance approved. It is rated for up to 170 mph on wind speeds.


As a direct ancestor of modern Rolldowns, unmovable small wooden slats that overlapped each other were installed inside church towers, sheds, and attics to get permanent air circulations for those rooms. Wooden slats that were connected on a chain could be moved up and down with straps, as well as adjusted vertically. In early versions they were pulled together into a bundle. Later the slats were stored around a tube or reel.

The first time a jalousie was mentioned in Germany was in the 18th century. In 1812 a French carpenter from Paris applied for a patent for his jalousie blinds.

The founding year of the Rolldown and Jalousie Association in Germany was in 1854. This Association was founded to control and regulate the trade. In the same year, the first industrial Rolldown Company started its production. Rolldowns were primarily purchased by wealthy customers and government agencies. Since then, the market has grown significantly, and many new improvements have been made. The highest level of security, peace of mind and the best service in combination with modern electronics is our job and mission.


Rolldowns are the most effective and convenient way of protecting your home from a storm or hurricane as well as a forced entry. The 55mm End Retention Rolldown System that we use is Dade County, Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance approved.

The 55mm End Retention Rolldown System that we use is Dade County, Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance approved.

We can install spans of up to 23ft. with no storm bars. Because of the way the 55mm Slat is designed no storm bars are necessary to achieve large spans. Every second slat has an end guide on either side. This guide runs in two rails on the inside of the track. The end guides prevent the slats from slipping out of the track even under high pressure and hurricane force winds.

To protect the aesthetics of your home, we try to integrate the Rolldowns into existing structures. We specialize in large, complicated openings and where it is possible and applicable, we will recess parts or the complete shutter box into the soffit.

The 55mm End Retention Rolldown System not only protects your home from hurricanes, it also offers a high level of security. The benefits of Rolldowns by far exceed other types of hurricane protection.


To operate the Rolldowns there are several choices, ranging from manual to fully automatic. Manual operation is available for shutters that weigh less than 56lbs (opening size of 45x78). The gears used to operate shutters have a ratio of 11/1 to make opening and closing your shutters possible.

Manual spring-loaded operation is available for shutters less than 75lbs but more than 56lbs. A spring is installed within the reel to assist you in lowering and raising the shutters.

Both types of manual shutters will be operated with a crank which is connected to a small pivot on the outside of the box or inside your home. A long crank will be provided to easily access the pivot.

The most convenient and easiest way to operate your Rolldowns is with a motor. From 1 – 1500lbs +, the shutter can be lifted with just the push of a button. We use only Simu as our supplier for tubular motors because they not only invented them but have the most recognized name in the industry.

All motors are equipped with a manual override in case you should lose electricity. The override connection is recessed into the box and easily accessible. An alternative to a manual override is a Battery Back Up System. To add more convenience a Remote-Control System can be installed.