The motorized Rolldown Shutter is the most effective and convenient way to protect your home and family against hurricanes and forced entry.

  • Protects your family against intruders
  • Adds value of your home
  • Reduces home insurance costs

Integrated Rolldowns

Integrating Rolldowns to builder specifications is our specialty. We work hand in hand with your home builder within the construction time frame to facilitate the installation.

  • Completely hidden from view
  • Best way to keep the aesthetic look of your home
  • Available in white, Ivory , beige and bronze color

Hurricane Screens

The Hurricane Screen is an effective and convenient way of protecting your home from a storm. Besides storm protection, it can also provide privacy and sunshade.

  • Storm protection
  • Sunshade
  • Gives you privacy


Accordions are a cost-effective way to protect and secure your home. They are permanently installed for year-round protection which allows you to quickly secure your home in the event of a hurricane or major storm.

  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel locks
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost effective

Steel & Clear Lexan Panels

Clear Guard Lexan panels are a cost-effective way to manually protect your home. Since these panels are lightweight and narrow, they are easily installed.

  • Clear Lexan panels are lightweight
  • Will not shatter, rust, or corrode
  • Allows light to pass through them

Bahama Shutters

There are two types of Bahama Shutters, decorative and impact rated. With Impacted Rated Bahama Shutters, your windows can be protected in minutes.

  • Enhances the aesthetics of your home
  • Provides privacy
  • Blocks windows from sun

Motorized Insect Screens

Having a Motorized Roll-Up Insect Screen eliminates the need for a traditional screen cage, making your outdoor living space more enjoyable.

  • Retractable with remote switch
  • Eliminates the traditional screen cage
  • Retractable so it does not disrupt your views

Garage Door Screens

Convert you garage into additional living space with a motorized garage door screen!

  • Allow air flow into your garage
  • Protects your privacy without obstructing your view
  • You can look out, but no one can look in

Motorized Solar and privacy screens

The Solar Privacy Screen is perfect for those hot Florida days.

  • Provides shade
  • Protects your privacy without obstructing your view
  • Allows for a cool breeze


An awning allows you to manage your environment within seconds while increasing your living space.

  • Increase your living space
  • Blocks the sun, heat, and UV rays
  • Adds beauty and comfort to your home