• Heavy-duty stainless-steel locks
  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost effective
  • No width restrictions, only height
  • Added Privacy
  • Easy to operate
  • Available in white, Ivory , beige and bronze color

Accordions are a cost-effective way to protect and secure your home. They are permanently installed for year-round protection which allows you to quickly secure your home in the event of a hurricane or major storm.

Accordion Shutters are manually operated and have a heavy-duty commercial lock. They can lock from the inside or the outside for added security. Accordion shutters consist of interconnected extruded aluminum panels that move horizontally between an upper and lower track. The upper track is called a header and is wide enough to accommodate the wheel and carriage assemblies that are attached to the top of every other panel. The lower track is called a sill and it guides and secures the bottom of each panel. This allows for ease of movement when opening and closing the shutter.

The Accordion Shutter can be designed to open or close as one unit. Usually an accordion will be split in the center (50/50). The flexible design will accommodate any split (70/30) or even multiple sections. They fold back compactly like a louvered door. When fully opened, the shutter panels stack at approximately one inch for every linear foot of shutter.

The High Velocity Accordion that we use is Dade County, Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance approved.